All lectures utilized throughout the Fall semester are listed below in addition to example programs and worksheets.

Please note that these slides are being revised for the Fall 2012 offering and will be posted separately.

We are working at providing detailed acknowledgements in cases where content is taken from other sources.

1. Course Introduction

2. Bits; CS Unplugged
Conversion Worksheet

3. Introduction to Logic

4. Programming Structure
BYOB Examples (Zip file)

5. Logical Thinking

6. More BYOB Examples (Zip file)

7. Computational Thinking: Jeanette Wing
Building Your Own Blocks: BYOB

8. Lists
BYOB Examples (Zip file)

9. Sorting and Searching Lists
BYOB Examples (Zip file)

10. Abstraction, Privacy, and the Internet

11. Image Representation, Privacy/Cryptography

12. Potpourri

13. App Inventor Introduction

14. Models

15. More About App Inventor

16. App Inventor Examples: Paint Pot and Mole Mash

17. Persistent Data
App Inventor Examples (Zip file)

18. Procedural Abstraction and List Processing
App Inventor Examples (Zip file)

19. Creative Ideas Enabled by Computer Science

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CS104: Computer Science Principles