In order to cover all of the learning objectives required by the College Board, we used multiple resources during the semester. Below is a list of the resources we used and recommend.


B2B:     Abelson, H., Ledeen, K., and Lewis, H. Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion. 2008.

AI:        Wolber, D., Abelson, H., Spertus, E., and Looney, L. App Inventor: Create Your Own Android Apps. 2011.


Research Papers:


Wing, J. Computational Thinking. 2006.


Kramer, J. Is Abstraction the Key to Computing? 2007.




BYOB:   Berkeley’s adaptation of Scratch – Build Your Own Blocks,


Defcon 2010 Lord of the bing; taking back search engine hacking from google and bing Rob Ragan


University of Alabama


CS104: Computer Science Principles